About Metta Eco Photography

Metta photographs are unique in that they not only capture reality, they communicate the unseen world of nature’s spirit and energy. They are designed to inspire and provide a feeling of relationship that is coded into us, that we so often forget. Greg Rushton is a nature based therapist whose intent includes inspiring clients to show up in nature and feel the energy that they see in his images.

Greg’s Creative Life Story

For decades Greg Rushton has been providing adventure experiences which bring awareness to our separation from Nature.

Greg started guiding at 16 years of age as part of his family’s summer camp business near Algonquin Park, Ontario.  From a young age, feeling a deep respect and reverence for nature led him to start a year-round experiential learning resort in Haliburton, Ontario in 1989. The concept was to combine a five-star resort with an Outdoor Centre. Greg launched Metta Eco Experiences in 1993 to offer leisure consulting to develop adventure, creative and wellness experiences for a variety of groups and tourist clients as well as outdoor education experiences for youth.He is a nature therapist, professional guide, and co-owner of Metta Eco Experiences with his partner Meriel Cammell.

Greg began to express himself with photography early in life and purchased his first Nikon Camera when he was 18. He studied photography at Ryerson University in Toronto, and spent 9 years as a professional portrait photographer and photography instructor. “My nature photographs have always been my passion and I am motivated by a vision to express the life force and spirit that permeates the living world. I am inspired to communicate through my 50 plus web strings, or natural senses that we all have, that open us up to the nameless language of nature, which is based on feelings and connections”. His art is a product of being in love with nature.